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SylvanVale Wine Portfolio

Ghost Tree Three Colours White Ghost Tree Three Colours White
This refreshing wine is a unique blend of Chenin Blanc and Colombar with a touch of Hanepoot.
The wine has pleasant tropical fruit and citrus aromas. Pallet is rich and full with a good balance
and lingering taste. The perfect accompaniment for Summer.
Enjoy chilled on itís own or with fish.and salads.

The wine should be enjoyed now. The perfect accompaniment for Summer. Enjoy chilled on itís own or with fish and salads.
Ghost Tree Three Colours Red Ghost Tree Three Colours Red
This medium-bodied, wooded wine has tempting aromas of blackcurrants, cherries and plums, which are enhanced by mellow tannins and subtle hints of oak on the palate.

Enormously good with beef or game! This is a grand wine for any grand occasion.
SylvanVale Pinotage Reserve 2006 SylvanVale Pinotage Reserve 2006
This delightful wine is a true celebration of Pinotage! Full-bodied with sweet cherry and a touch of mint. This oppulant wine has been matured in our cellars for 5 years prior to release. A beautifully structured wine with balanced ripe tannins. Four Star Platters Wine.

A perfect match to enjoy with rich meat dishes such as lamb shank & oxtail. Also well recommended to pair with game.
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